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Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2015

Ledge Loan App

Loaning money to friends or family usually leads to uncomfortable situations whether you’re the lender or the borrower.

Obviously avoiding the situation altogether is a guaranteed way to avoiding the problem, but sometimes you may find yourself breaking that rule.

Crowdfunding from peers in your personal network has become more common, but the process of keeping track of repayment can get complex and is usually the point of contention.

Whether you find yourself in the position of providing small loans or receiving them, an app called Ledge may be a huge help.

It can set up clear terms, interest rates and deadlines and allow for automatic payments using Venmo.

It also ensures that both parties are using the same ledger to reconcile the loan over time and provides a less awkward way to make sure the loan is repaid.

There are no fees for using the app and it’s available for iPhone and Android users.

Get all the details and the direct download links at