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Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2015

Automatic - Connected Car Dongle

We’ve all heard about the future of the connected car and the promises of digital integration to automatically monitor everything while you're driving.

But if you own a car that’s from 1996 or newer, you already have the capability to achieve this digital monitoring through the diagnostic port in your car.

A company called Automatic makes it easy to unlock all the digital data that’s being generated by your car every day.

Just plug their dongle in the diagnostic port and it will start transmitting data to your phone via Bluetooth whenever you drive.

Track mileage, review maps of your trips, locate your parked car and monitoring your engine’s health are just a few of the features available.

It even provides automatic crash detection to alert emergency services in the event of an accident.

You can even integrate Automatic with other apps, so your Nest thermostat can automatically change the temperature as you approach your house for example.

Learn more about everything it does at