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Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2015

RoboForm - Password & Form Manager

Having long complex passwords that are unique for each of your online accounts is an essential component to protecting your personal information.

Trying to remember lots of complex passwords is impossible, so finding a password management program that you can use is essential.

If you haven’t found a management system that works well for you yet, checkout the offerings at

Not only can RoboForm become your password manager, it also helps you fill out forms with your frequently used information; a huge time saver for avid online shoppers.

Another cool feature is their batch login can simultaneously log you into those 3 or 4 four sites you use everyday with a single click.

As with any other password manager, once you set it up, you only need to remember the main password for Roboform to securely sign into all your important online accounts.

The basic service, which covers 10 online accounts, is free and there are mobile apps as well at