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Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2015


If you live on email, you probably spend a good chunk of time every day getting interrupted by unimportant messages because you’re on various mailing lists.

You probably don’t even know how you got on half of the lists, but with today’s auto-opt in mailings, it’s going to keep happening.

If you’re drowning in daily junk mail and newsletters, a free service called Unroll.Me is worth checking out.

Once it scans your inbox, it’ll alphabetically list every subscription it recognizes so you can choose to keep, unsubscribe or add messages to your roll-up.

The Roll Up is a daily digest of all the subscriptions that you do want to see combined in one message, so you don’t get them all day long.

For important items, you click on Keep in Inbox so that you see them as they’re sent.

Unroll.Me currently works with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud, and accounts. Learn more about the service and their new iPhone app at