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Original Air Date: Dec 2, 2015

Acorns Auto Investing App

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I recently had a parent tell me how proud he was of his daughter who was in her first year of college because she started an investment account.

His pride was really because he convinced her to start using the Acorns app, and it apparently worked for them.

Acorns automatically invests your spare change by using the rounding up method whenever you make a purchase.

It takes the rounded up change and invests it through it’s parent company, Acorn Advisors, which is an SEC registered investment advisor.

It’s really an interesting way to get younger people started on their investment portfolio, because there are no fees for anyone under 24. It’s also free for any aged student that has a .edu email address.

Once you setup the account, you choose one of five investment strategies that range from aggressive to conservative.

If you’re the parent of a twenty something and want to get them started on their investment portfolio, checkout the Acorns app at