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Original Air Date: Dec 23, 2015

Festify Group Party DJ App

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Download the MP3

Tis the season to be gathering and if music is an essential part of your gatherings, I’ve got a democratic method for deciding what music gets played.

It’s a cool add-on service to Spotify called Festify and unlike other apps, it doesn’t require everyone at your party to download a special app.

Festify requires that you have a Spotify Premium account, which you can get right now for 99 cents for three months.

Once you setup Festify on a computer that is connected to your sound system, you simply give your guests a web link and a party code to attach to your partly playlist.

Your guests can use their smartphones to add any song that exists in the Spotify catalogue or vote songs up that are already on the playlist.

You can even send out the info in advance of your party so everyone can add their favorite songs before they arrive.

It’s the slickest group party DJ app that I’ve ever used.

Learn all about it at