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Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2016

Awesome HDR App

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I can decide what I like more, sunrises and sunsets and that’s why I’ve probably taken over a thousand shots of both in my life!

The problem with attempting these shots is that the lens exposure can only be set for the foreground or the background

The results end up being either a dark silhouette or a blown out sunset because the lens can’t adjust for both at the same time.

To help with this common situation, most camera’s now have a HDR setting, which stands for High Dynamic Range. It’s the best way to get the light right in these situations when you being challenged.

The HDR setting allows your camera to take multiple images in succession, that focus on the foreground and the background separately then combines them.

The built-in HDR option on most smartphones is pretty limited, so checkout an amazing app called Pro HDR

It gives you a lot more control of the final image with a host of adjustment options that will create some of the best shots you’ve ever taken.

I’ve posted the links to Android and iPhone versions of the Pro HDR app at