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Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2016

Casio's Smart Outdoor Watch

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Smartwatches have struggled to provide true utility for the masses, not to mention they’re expensive gadgets that are very delicate.

At last week’s CES, Casio was showing a smartwatch worth looking at especially if you’re very active outdoors.

The WSD F10 Smart Outdoor Watch is Casio’s first product that uses the Android Wear platform and it’s pretty cool.

Not only does it connect to your smartphone and provide lots of functions outdoor enthusiasts will want, it’s built to last in the most challenging environments.

It’s ruggedized design meets military specifications making it virtually indestructible and water resistant to depths of over 160 feet.

It also has an analog display mode that will stretches battery life up to a month.

If you’ve been waiting to get a smartwatch that can go beyond being a simple extension of your smartphone, watch for Casio’s entry which is expected to hit the market in April.