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Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2016

Digitsole's Smartsole Activity Trackers

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Activity trackers such as those from Fitbit were extremely popular at CES, but wearing something around your wrist all the time in order to track your activity may not be for everyone.

There are really expensive shoes that include activity trackers, but there’s a less expensive alternative if you do want to use your shoes to track your fitness.

Digitsole offers a couple of different options for inserting what they call Smartsoles that are Bluetooth enabled and act as activity trackers in your shoes.

By replacing your existing insoles with these Smartsoles, you can turn just about any dress or sport shoe into an activity tracker.

Their latest version that has yet to be released will include the ability to heat your shoes, so they could serve a dual purpose in colder climates.

The basic Smartsoles are projected to sell for around $80 while the top end heated insoles will be around $200.

You can monitor their progress and availability at