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Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2016

Dash Smartcar App

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Lots of what I saw at CES this year was technology from auto manufacturers aimed at making your car smarter and more connected.

What you may not know is that if you’re driving a car that’s from 1996 or newer, you actually have some smart car technology already.

Just below your steering wheel, you should see a special port referred to as an OBD port which stands for On Board Diagnostics port.

All you need is special transmitter and an app on your smartphone to tap into this gateway to your cars functions, like the one from Dash.

Not only can you access diagnostic information when your engine light goes on, it can help you improve your mileage and find the cheapest gas nearby.

You’ll need to get a special Bluetooth device that plugs into the OBD port which ranges from 10 to 60 dollars for most cars.

You can get the free app and info on where to get the OBD transmitters at the Dash website, which is