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Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2016

Google Tip Calculator

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If you like to discover new restaurants with a group of friends, sorting out the bill, especially with a large group can get complex.

There are a number of apps available for just this situation, but you don’t have to take up space on your phone, if everyone agrees to pay the same amount.

The Google Tip Calculator is all you need.

By searching for tip calculator on Google, a simple interface will pop up on your phone that allows you to make quick work of figuring out each person’s share.

You enter the total bill, the agreed upon tip percentage and the number of people splitting the bill to get each person’s share.

It even splits the tip amount out for each person in case anyone wants to increase or decrease the gratuity individually.

If you are with a large group, remember to always check to see if the gratuity has already been added!

By the way, any Internet connected device can bring up the tip calculator.