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Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2016

Reminder to Turn on 2 Factor Authentication

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One of my constant security reminders to all of you is to turn on 2 factor authentication on your online accounts.

It provides an extra layer of protection that’s hard to beat.

2 factor authentication is something you’ve used for years.

Your debit card is a good example; you have to have both the physical card and the associated PIN.

Imagine a debit card that didn’t require a PIN...well that’s essentially what your setting up with your online accounts if you don’t turn on 2 factor authentication.

If a cyber-thief acquires your username and password after you turn it on, they would also need get their hands on your smartphone in order to gain access to your account.

It’s also becomes an early warning system when someone does acquire your username and password.

More and more online services are making it available, so if you want to see how to do it and whether the sites you use offer it, I’ve posted the info at