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Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2016

Beware of Fake Video Updates

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Don’t be fooled by salacious e-mail or social media messages like: have you seen this? I can’t believe you were caught on video!

It’s on of many 'social engineering' scams that is growing in popularity in and effort to dupe unsuspecting people online.

They get you so worked up over what the video might contain, that you let your guard down.

If you fall for the trick, the site that has the supposed video will tell you that you need to update your video CODEC or video player in order to watch your video.

You’re so worried about what’s on the video, you let your guard down and allow these items to be downloaded and installed.

That’s all it takes to snare you into an undetectable scam that can lead to any number of attacks.

When you allow their malicious software onto your computer, it allows them to do just about anything they want.

And don’t expect to get a big notice that they’re in, because they announce themselves.

We’re seeing an increase in this tactic, so be alert and never install any type of video player update that pops up on your screen!