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Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2016

What Dog Do You Look Like

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How many times have you seen a dog owner that looked a lot like their dog?

Is it pure coincidence or was there some natural attraction to a familiar looking face?

Well, you no longer have to guess, because now you can use sophisticated computing technology to see what dog breed you resemble the most.

Microsoft’s project allows you to search for or upload a photo of anyone to see which breed they would most resemble.

In my case, depending on which picture I use, it’s either a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which is strong, driven to prey on smaller creatures and affectionate or a German Shepard, which must be kept busy, is intense and highly intelligent.

As you can imagine, the Internet has gone wild using pictures of family members, celebrities and politicians with some pretty hilarious results.

If you’re trying to figure out which breed of dog will be your next family member or want help choosing the next president, give a try!