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Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2016

MyShake Earthquake App

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If you have friends that live in an earthquake zone, you know how social media explodes when even the slightest tremors are felt.

Well a couple of UC Berkley scientists are hoping to harness the crowd when it comes to detecting earthquakes as they occur.

They’ve created an app for Android smartphones called MyShake and the plan is leverage the power of the accelerometer in our handheld devices to detect earthquakes as soon as they start.

This crowdsourced data from what they hope will become a global seismic network of sensors could become a life saving warning system for those farther away from the epicenter of the quake in the future.

You or someone you know that lives in an earthquake zone can become part of this citizen science experiment by simply downloading the MyShake app on any Android smartphone.

You can learn all about this really interesing attempt to leverage the power of mobile and join the MyShake community at