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Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2016

Shazam for Plants

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If you love music, you probably have the Shazam app on your smartphone to figure out what a song is just by having the app listen to it.

If you’re a nature lover, there an app called PlantNet that is trying to become the Shazam for plants.

By taking a picture of any plant or flower you see, you can ask the app to try to figure out what it is.

Plantnet has to try to evaluate nuances in leaves and flowers of sixty four hundred species, so it’s not as accurate as Shazam.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or a dedicated gardner, having an app that can help you identify plants is actually pretty handy.

I know in my case, I’ve been hiking with people that are freaked out by a plant that they think is poison ivy, which is one of the many reasons I have this app on my smartphone.

Search for PlantNet in your app store if you’re interested in trying it yourself.