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Original Air Date: Apr 19, 2016

Google Goals

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How many times have you put something in your calendar you really didn’t want to do?

Isn’t it time you start adding things you do want to do?

Well, that’s Google’s perspective as well and in that spirit, they recently rolled out a new feature called Goals for Google Calendar users.

Since finding time for exercise is often a big goal, you can choose a physical activity, set the frequency you’re shooting for and Google’s calendar will find time in your calendar for those yoga sessions or power walks.

If you end up with a conflict during that time or you’re running late, Google Calendar will reschedule your goals automatically.

The Goal option only appears on the mobile app for iOS and Android users, but once you set them up, you’ll see your goals on your computer as well.

Since a primary problem with achieving goals is simply remembering them, this new option might be just the motivation you need to finally start down the path to success.