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Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2016

Silent Movie Maker

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One of the first mobile movie apps that I fell in love with years ago, was a silent movie maker.

It allowed me to easily create movies that looked like they were made in the silent movie era of 20’s, complete with text slides and piano music.

Well the app’s now called Vintagio and they’ve added video filters that include other vinatage years like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

These additional filters really boost the options for creating unique videos on either your iPhone or iPad.

The express mode makes it easy to quickly create simple videos, but if you really want to get creative, jump to the Pro Mode.

You can change the speed of the video, add one of their music beds or choose from your own music library.

While there are free alternatives that appear to do the same thing, none of them come close to Vintagio, which costs 4 bucks.