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Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2016

Never Windows 10 Tool

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Download the MP3

The love hate relationship with Windows 10 rages on with a large number of you that have made it clear, you don’t want to upgrade from your existing version of Windows.

Microsoft recently made a change to their automatic update system that snuck the upgrade in without the owner realizing what was happening.

Many websites have published various tricks for preventing Windows from auto-updating, but many of them require that you modify or delete files, which can be scary for non-techy users.

Well, there’s an easier way that’s also a lot safer than making manual modifications to your system called Never 10.

Never 10 is a simple utility created by one of my favorite software developers, Steve Gibson and it’s super easy to use.

Just download the tiny program and run it to so it can figure out what you have and how to prevent Windows 10 from sneaking in.

If you’re one of the millions that’s saying Never 10, I’ve posted the link at DataDoctors/radio