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Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2012

Burn Note

Have you ever wished you could send a note without a paper trail?

Remember in Mission Impossible... the tape would self destruct and the evidence was gone!

There’s a website that does just that, it’s called Burn Note. At, you can write your private note, and that note... stays private.

Burn Note allows you to send a private message to anyone you want, and once the recipient gets the note, the clock is ticking.

When that person reads the note, they not only have a finite amount of time, but your message can’t be printed, making it difficult to leave a paper trail.

Better still, no one can forward your message, they can only read them. This makes sharing your private note almost impossible.

Here’s where it gets even better for your complete privacy. Deleted Burn Notes are completely erased from their servers, so it’s impossible for anyone to retrieve them.

Next time you need to keep the surprise party a surprise, or don’t want to leave an electronic trail, Burn Note can cover your tracks.