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Original Air Date: May 13, 2016

Wiping Data From Smartphones

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If cyber-thieves can access your e-mail account on your smartphone, they can get password reset messages sent to the phone from just about any of your online accounts in a matter of minutes.

Today’s phones are loaded with tons of sensitive information that make stealing your credentials very easy, so if you haven’t setup an access pass code just yet, do it right away.

Keeping this in mind when you plan on trading in, selling or getting rid of any smartphone; you have to make sure that you do a factory reset to get rid of you personal info.

Getting your phone reset so it’s a pristine as the day you got it is pretty easy to do and generally done via the Settings menus.

Android users should also remember to either wipe or remove the expansion micro SD card before allowing the phone to leave your possession.

Formatting the micros SD card is the best way to protect yourself if you’re selling the phone with extra memory.

The SIM card from your cellular provider should be removed as well, just for good measure as it won’t be of any use to the next owner.

For specific instructions on how to reset you phone, just use Google to search the word reset and your exact model number.

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