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Original Air Date: May 23, 2016

Awesome Junk Mail Tip

Email is just an important part of our lives that you likely spend lots of time daily waisting time on meaningless messages because of all the mailing lists you’re on.

With all those auto-opt in mailings, you probably don’t have a clue how you got on many of the lists, but it’s going to keep happening.

If you’re tired of dealing with tons of daily junk mail and uninteresting newsletters, an online service called Unroll.Me is just what the doctor ordered.

Just let it scan your Inbox to start the magic as it’ll alphabetically list every subscription it can allowing you to keep, unsubscribe or add messages to something they call a 'roll-up'.

Their Roll Up is simply a digest of all the subscriptions that you do want to see combined daily into a single message, so no more constant interruptions with junk

If you do want messages, you simply click on the 'Keep in Inbox’ option and you’ll continue to see them as they are sent.

This awesome free resource works with AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, iCloud, and online mail accounts.

Save your Inbox today at