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Original Air Date: May 24, 2016

Lock Down Shortcut Tip

Anyone that works in an office full of cubicles, which I call a cube farm, you know that your computer can be accessed by anyone that happens to wander by if you step away from your desk.

This can become a bit annoying if you work with a group of pranksters, if you don’t take a second to lock down your computer before stepping away.

You need to get in the habit of locking down your system with a simple keyboard shortcut before leaving your desk, which keeps snooping eyes off your work and will save you tons of grief from your mischievous co-workers.

Windows users can press the Windows Icon key and the letter L as in 'lock' to get the job done.

Mac users can press Control+Shift+Eject at the same to secure their desktops.

If you're Mac lacks the Eject key, just use Control+Shift+Power instead get it done.

This only works if you have a login password setup, so make sure you don't skip this very important step.

Parents can also use this tip to prevent their young children from spending time on the computer when they aren't supposed to be on it.