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Original Air Date: May 27, 2016

Party DJ App

If you throw house parties that must have music playing all the time, today's tip is for you!

You've probably created playlists in the past, trying to guess what your guests might like but why guess when you can make it part of the party with the Party DJ iPhone app.

Party DJ is the perfect way to create playlists that you're friends will enjoy because they can all help pick and vote for the songs they want to hear.

It's essentially a crowd-sourcing tool that plays songs based on the tunes that have the most votes, which move to the top of the list.

It'll cost the host 3 dollars but all your guests can use the free app or the website to join in on the fun.

All you do is connect your iOS device to a set of speakers or you can use Airplay to set things up.

The host always stays in charge by being able to skip tracks or delete them altogether if someone adds an undesirable track.

Other iPhone users can even add songs from their own libraries through the Party DJ's pretty cool!

I've posted the link to learn more at