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Original Air Date: May 30, 2016

The Future of Wireless Charging

One of the biggest issues in the digital age is finding a way to keep our mobile gadgets charged up.

Having the proper charger and cable for each of those devices can sometimes mean you're packed with a small arsenal of batteries and cables…Wireless charging will certainly make this all much easier.

A rather promising technology for wireless charging is a project called WiTricity and it’s starting look like a reality.

From its meager beginnings at MIT in 2007 as a research project, the technology could be ubiquitous in the very near future.

I’m looking forward to hiding wireless charging transmitters in desks, kitchen counter tops and in convenient places like the console in my car.

The idea is to recharge wirelessly just by being near one of these WiTricity chargers with everything from smartphones and tablets to electric cars!

The technology behind this system is referred to as 'resonant energy transfer based on Synchronized Magnetic-flux Phase Coupling phenomenon'; yeah I don’t get it either, but I want it now.

There are a number of existing products being tested with many other potential uses on display at