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Original Air Date: May 31, 2016

Think Like A Hacker!

One of the best ways to understand techniques for protecting yourself online, it helps to truly think like a hacker first.

One of the most valuable things sold on the Internet underground is your personal information, so tricking humans into allowing them into your computer is one of the most common tactics.

And rather than directly work on adults, hackers figured out long ago that it’s easier to trick your kids to get to you.

They can sneak malicious tracking programs in by posing as free music, videos, games and expensive programs that kids and teens are more likely to download.

Why is this tactic so effective? Generally, it’s because parents often allow their kids to use the same user profiles as them with full administrative access for complete control over the computer.

If this is how things are working in your house, you should really make a change immediately.

You should setup a separate account with limited access for your younger users as a way to minimize the exposure to mom and dad’s sensitive information.

This is a critically important security measure, so if you don’t know how to get it setup, get someone to help you as every OS has different steps.