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Original Air Date: Jun 7, 2016

Battery Tips for Travelers

The many great features in our smartphone’s are awesome, but lots of features can suck...battery power that is.

When you’re traveling and you only have a short window to recharge, maximizing the charge for the little time you have is critical.

A quick way to improve the quality of a quick charge is to shut the phone off while you’re recharging.

Putting the phone into airplane mode is another options which will turn off background tasks as well as wifi and bluetooth so you don’t spin your wheels while trying to recharge.

Don’t forget the TV in your hotel room can be an additional charger if it has USB ports, especially when you have more items than outlets.

The TV needs to be turned on and it won’t charge as quickly as a regular charger, but it can come in very handy in a pinch.

And always be mindful that heat is your phone’s worst enemy. Nothing shortens battery life like excessive heat, so always avoid leaving your electronics in direct sunlight or hot vehicles.

If it’s hot to the touch, you should let it get back to room temperature before attempting to charge your devices.