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Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2013

Customizing Facebook

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip

Remember the MySpace days? No, not todays version, the old one that you could customize to work the way you wanted it to.

Many of us use Facebook all day long, and when they make changes you don’t like, you wish you could set it back to the way it was, or even improve it. You can with Social Fixer.

Social Fixer is a Chrome extension that makes your Facebook experience better and can make the site easier to use by adding a tons of features you don’t normally have.

Chrome extensions are little add-on programs that allow you to customize your web experience and social fixer is a good one!

You can actually have tabbed news feeds, similar to your web browsing experience. Advanced feed filters, tracking of new comments to old posts, hiding of posts you've already read.

This is one of those cool tools that’s really hard to put into words, you have to check it out yourself to see what it can do.

Social Fixer is free, so you don’t have to commit money to see if you like it. If you don’t you can uninstall it with a click of the mouse.

With the Social Fixer extension, you can enjoy a Facebook even more!

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