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Original Air Date: Jun 15, 2016

Spear Phishing Security Test

Just about every major hacking incident you’ve heard about recently, has a recurring theme connected to it.

Most of the scams start by sending a targeted phishing message to lots of people in the company, hoping that just one of them gets opened.

These very convincing fake corporate messages a.k.a. "spear-phishing" are the tool of choice for most of today's ransomware attacks.

The likelyhood of someone falling for a message that appears to be from someone important in the same company is very high and the hackers know that.

This means you have to start paying really close attention to messages that seem to be coming from your co-horts, especially when they are asking you to open a file attachment.

If you'd like to test the users in your company, you can run a phishing security test at

The free version of the test can send what poses as a message from the IT department to up to 100 people so you can see who falls for the trick.

These threats are growing and your users are the biggest point of entry for all of them, so educating them is critical.

I’ve posted a link to the free testing tool at