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Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2016

R U Sharing By Accident?

Although you've heard over and over again that using public Wi-Fi can be dangerous, there's something about it that you may not have known.

Without you realizing it, it's possible that your computer is sharing files with everyone else that's using the same hotspot at the coffee shop or hotel.

You could be offering up some of your files or allowing others to save infected files on your computer if you have publicly shared folders turned on.

Generally speaking, this isn't the biggest threat to your personal information, but it's potentially open access to your computer when you're on public Wi-Fi.

Protecting yourself, especially if you never use the public share folders is pretty easy...just turn them off.

I have been on connections where publicly accessible folders that contain actual files showed up because the owners had no idea that everyone connected could see these files.

Whether you're a Mac or Windows users, you shouldn't have these turned on if you don't use them, so the instructions for turning them off is posted at

Disable public shares in OS X:

Disable public folders in Windows: