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Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2016

Smartphone Reading Glasses

Many of us have to use reading glasses to use our smartphones, but get frustrated trying to keep track of where you used them last.

Buying a large number of them so you can leave them where you typically use them is one solution, but wouldn't it be more effective to keep your reading glasses with your smartphone all the time?

A company called ThinOptics feels your pain and created a pretty clever solution to this common problem: super thin reading glasses that fit into your smartphone case.

The got rid of the arms and you just clip them onto your nose, making them thin enough to be stored in the case of your smartphone.

The cases work with iPhone or Galaxy phones directly or you can get the universal add-on pad for just about any case.

If you suffer from 'where did I put my reading glasses' syndrome, Thinoptics solution runs between $25 to $39, so it could be more cost effective than buying a large stash of glasses.

Learn all about them at