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Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2016

Summer Road Trip Guides

Summer is here and so is travel season which can lead to vacation road trips filled with amazing and unexpected experiences.

I really enjoy finding those "off-the-beaten-path" or truly quirky joints on my excursions and generally find that talking to a local is one of the best sources of discovery.

If you love finding the fun and unusual on your road trips, checkout a website called

You can search for attractions, accommodations, entertainment, food and drink, history, nature or just about anything that will make your road trip interesting by setting your starting and ending points to get started.

By adding stops along the way, you can calculate how long the trip will take and even get a general prediction of what you'll spend in gas to make it happen.

After you've created your road trip, you can sync it to their mobile app for turn-by-turn directions to every destination on your road trip.

If all that sounds like too much of a hassle, you can use any of the pre-existing road trips like Haunted Hotels or Route 66 and then modify the itinerary to meet your needs.

Anyone planning a summer road trip should checkout