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Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2016

Hard Drive Cleanup App

The hard drive in your computer is like your refrigerator; no matter how large it is, you’ll going to fill it up, eventually.

And just like with your frig, tossing out old or unnecessary junk is whole lot more cost effective than buying a bigger one.

The big issue for most of users is that they haven’t a clue what’s hogging up their drive space, so knowing what to get rid of is a little puzzling.

For starters, getting rid of old programs you stopped using is a great start and if you’re storing lots of video or have a massive music library that you no longer use, they’re taking up a good chunk of space as well.

Windows users that want a little help should checkout a free program called TreeSize.

Windows refers to its directory structure as a tree with each folder being a branch so the TreeSize program can show you how large each branch is so you can quickly track down the space hogs.

A Word of Warning: Never ever delete anything that you don’t recognize and make absolutely sure you’ve got a verified backup before you attempt any king of cleanup of your hard drive.

I’ve posted the link at