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Original Air Date: Jul 5, 2016

Dead Battery Lifeline App

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We all rely on our smartphones so much every day and if the battery goes dead or we suddenly can’t find our phone, panic mode sets in instantly.

An app called Hotel My Phone from a small startup in Canada is offering a potential solution to this all too common problem.

Think of it as AirBnB for smartphones, because you can grab a friend or spouse's phone and get full access to your contacts as well as make and take calls as if was your phone.

It’s designed to be used with people you know by having trusted people install the app on their phones which creates a 'trusted network’ which allows anyone in the group to borrow anyone else’s phone in an emergency.

If the batter on your phone dies just as you/re expecting a critical call or text, having Hotel My Phone setup on your spouse’s phone could save the day.

There can be charges for communication outside of your trusted network, but in network calls and messages are free.

You can checkout all the details at