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Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2016

Package Opening Tip

Ever cut yourself trying to open one the many insanely difficult plastic packages that seem to be used on everything these days?

Initially, it was expensive electronic items that are small that typically used those obnoxious clamshell containers that are nearly impossible to get open, but now just about any household item like light bulbs can be encased in this nightmarish packaging.

Retailers like them because they help fight theft and make it a snap to hang them on display hooks.

It’s become such a plague to consumers that there’s now a Wikipedia page dedicated to "wrap rage”!

If you’re weapon of choice is a knife or scissors to get the darn thing open, you know how dangerous it gets, especially as irritation grows.

Even when you do get it open, it’s rare to escape without getting nicked or scraped from the sharp edges of the packaging.

Until we can get them to ban this type of packaging, there’s a better and safer way to get them open: start using a can opener!

Not only does it take a lot less strength to get through the plastic by running the can opener along the packages edges, it’s also a lot safer.