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Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2016

Virtual Investor Tools

If the stock market and the world of investing tend to be an intimidating and mysterious place, today’s tip is for you!

As with all things in life, knowledge is power but in this case, you don’t need a degree from a prestigious university to understand how the markets work.

A web resource called, which actually started out as a fantasy stock market simulator has became a great tool to demystify Wall Street.

It turns out that gamification is a pretty good way to learn the ins and outs of investing and trading stock.

Rather than just being told how to do things, you get to actually get involved in market trades without the risk of losing your money.

Think of it as a virtual stock exchange combined with lots of tutorials, articles, courses, and videos.

Not only can you learn the basics, you can setup a practice portfolio and engage in a league to compete with other virtual traders.

If you’re still confused about ‘puts’ and ‘calls’ or the value of stocks versus mutual funds, can help you get a solid understanding.

It’s a really great way to get your kids involved and learning about investing early as well.