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Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2016

Low Tech Password Tip

Your passwords are most likely to be the weakest link in your security arsenal and you’ve heard me repeatedly warn against using the same password on all your online accounts.

There are lots of options for password management tools, but for some, it’s still just too much to manage.

If you can’t find a tool that works for you, I have an easy low tech method of keeping track of your passwords; just write them all down!

I don’t mean attaching a sticky note on the from of your monitor with your passwords written on them, I mean jot them down electronically and store them somewhere safe, like in an inconspicuous place on your smartphone.

Don’t use the word “password” anywhere in the document of file name and create your own form of encryption in the event someone gains access to the file.

For example, use 4 random numbers or characters at the beginning of the actual password, so you’ll be the only one that will know to ignore those characters.

Frankly, if your choices are to use the same password everywhere or write down unique passwords, then write them down to avoid becoming a victimized on all your accounts from a single data breach.