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Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2016

Google Docs Add-On

If you love using Google’s online tools like Docs, Sheets and Forms, I’ve got a useful add-on you might want to try.

It’s called Save As Doc and it lets you easily take a spreadsheet and turn it into a document.

It’s especially handy when you are incorporating a portion of a spreadsheet into a report especially when the contents from your spreadsheet is too big to display.

You can either save an entire worksheet or select specific cells that you’ll be able to edit as a document file.

The add-on is really helpful when working with the spreadsheet results of a Google Forms questionnaire.

You no longer have to deal with formatting problems when you copy/paste numbers from a spreadsheet into a document.

You can also force page breaks after each row of numbers, making the results of your report much easier to keep organized.

Save As Doc is a free add-on and only works with Google Chrome.

I’ve got the download link posted at