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Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2016

Roku Alternative Remotes

Is there anything as frustrating as searching high and low for a special remote control for your streaming box; it’s especially common if you have lots of younger users in the house.

I told you yesterday how you can setup an alternative remote control for an Apple TV box and today, it’s time to help Roku users.

With Roku devices, you have a couple of alternative remote options for controlling them that include your smartphone, tablet or any computer on the same Wi-Fi network

With any of those options, you simply go to, that’s R E M O K U.TV and a virtual remote will pop up on your screen.

You just click on the ‘Settings’ button to start a scan of your Wi-Fi network so it can find your Roku device automatically.

Once it’s located, you just tap the controls displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet or you click them with your mouse if you’re using a computer.

If you’re a big time multitasked, you can install the add-on for Google Chrome on your computer, which allows you to pop up an on-screen remote anytime you’re using your browser.

I’ve got links to both of these options posted at

Chrome Add-on: