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Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2016

Don't Use Images Without Permission!

I written in the past on the riskiness of using images you find online on your website or blog and it continues to generate quite a bit of feedback.

It’s clear to me that many of you didn’t realize that they were infringing on a copyright when they simply posted an image on their website.

If you don’t want avoid getting tangled up in an expensive legal situation, take some time soon to review all the images you’ve used on your website or blog.

If you have no idea where they came from, I’d strongly recommend you delete them and look for images to replace them that won’t put you in harm’s way.

Getty Images, for instance, opened up a large library in the recent past with images that you can embed on your site free of charge as long as you follow their instructions and posted guidelines.

You can also look for images that fall under a 'Creative Commons' license which means that the owners of the images will allow you to use them for free under certain conditions and uses.

If you want to play it really safe, your best bet is to purchase images at sites like for a couple of dollars each.

Taking this for granted can cost you several thousand dollars per image, so it should not be taken lightly...the link to all my advice on legal image usage is posted at