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Original Air Date: Aug 31, 2016

Lovely Landlord & Tenant Tools

If you know anyone searching for a home, condo or apartment to rent, today's tip could save them a bunch of time.

Constantly searching through want ads and then trying to figure out where each on is actually located becomes a big time suck.

While there are a lot of resources to find rental properties, a company called Lovely has both a website and a mobile app to make the search a lot easier.

Lovely performs the duty of a traditional rental agent by monitoring all kinds of websites for rental properties and then maps them in the app or on the web.

Time is of the essence when a new desirable property hits the market, so Lovely shows new listings in orange and provides alerts when new properties that fit your criteria pop up.

For landlords, Lovely Pro offers tools that will allow you to List your property, search the database of potential renters and even run credit reports on those requesting to become renters.

You can even setup your tenant with automatic rent collection through the system for next to nothing!

Lovely takes all the hassle out for landlords and renters plus it is easy to use!

The links to Lovely and Lovely Pro are both posted at