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Original Air Date: Sep 1, 2016

Crowdfunding Tool for Charities

An important part of contributing to your community is getting involved in causes you believe in which often times means that raising money comes into the process.

The traditional methods of raising money are certainly still quite valid but leveraging social media and other digital resources can dramatically increase your chances of raising the needed funds.

A website called is specifically setup for those that need to fundraise online.

Whether it's for a non-profit, a foundation, a commercial entity or for an individual, as long as it is a recognized 501(c)(3), Razzo's platform could be one of your best resources.

In addition to being and easy system to setup and use, they're also one of the lowest cost platforms for crowdfunding campaigns, which allows for more of the donations to go to your cause.

You can even embed your campaign onto a Facebook page or website so you can more effectively promote your campaign to get the word out.

Razoo campaigns are all tax-deductible and they even offer a way to accept recurring donations if your campaign is ongoing.

It’s also a wonderful way to find local charities you may want to donate to!