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Original Air Date: Sep 13, 2016

Browser Troubleshooting Trick

Just about everything we do on the Internet is made faster through a process known as ‘caching’ which stores elements of the websites you’ve previously visited on your computer in a temporary folder.

This caching process makes websites load much faster because your compuer doesn’t have to download every element of the website from the Internet.

By pulling the images, text and videos from your local hard drive, your page will load much faster, but sometimes it can all work against you.

Whenever you go to a website that won't load properly, it's possible that your computer is trying to load an incomplete cached version of the site from your temporary directory.

If this happens to you in the future give this little trick a shot: hold down the CTRL button down and tap the F5 key along the top of your keyboard.

It’s a universal shortcut that works on all the major browsers and it tells your computer to skip the cache and download everything from the website.

It’s a really great way to troubleshoot strange website behaviors; if it loads everything properly, you’ll know its time to clear your browser’s cache.

How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache: