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Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2016

Pay Attention To Sounds!

Whenever your car starts making strange noises, you generally pay attention, right?

Well, when it comes to your computer, you should start doing the same thing because those strange sounds can be a warning sign that a meltdown is impending.

Whether it’s grinding, whirring or buzzing, it’s generally a sign that one of the moving parts in your computer is showing signs of wear.

The cooling fans, for instance, are very common points of failure and worse yet, if the noise stops by itself, it could very well mean that your fan stopped working altogether.

Since heat is the single biggest threat to all of your electronics, allowing your cooling fans to stop spinning is like having and empty radiator in your car.

Whenever you hear any kind of clicking sound, especially if you can’t get your computer to start up, you should immediately shut it off and seek professional help. Any kind of clicking noise from your computer generally mean that your hard drive has failed.

Trying to restart your computer in hopes of getting it to work will cause irreparable damage and is almost certain to lead to permanent data loss, so be very careful with this specific sound.

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