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Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2016

The Netflix of Wine

If you’re just beginning your exploration of the wonderful but confusing world of wine like millions of others, there’s a different kind of wine club that you may want to take a look at.

Think of it as a Netflix for wine when you visit

The key to their approach is helping you to figure out your preferred wine profile by using a 6 bottle tasting kit that gets sent to at your initial sign up for the service.

When you get the kit, you simply go to their online guided tasting challenge which helps them learn what flavors and varietals your palate prefers .

Based on this process, you’ll start to get sent wine to you or you can customize the shipment if you know what you really want to drink.

If you don’t like something that’s sent to you, each bottle is guaranteed so you can get it replaced or credited towards future bottles.

The key to refining your choices is to continue to update ratings you give each bottle you get sent, so your wine discovery will tend to be more spot on as you go.

Learn all about it at