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Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2016

When to Send E-mails

E-mail these days tend to be inefficient and often a dangerous way to communicate, but it is still the method of choice for most businesses.

If your business is not getting a timely response to the messages you're sending, it could be due to your choices in when you send them according to a recent study.

An e-mail marketing company called Yesware analyzed over half a million email messages and discovered that the open and reply rates for email are actually higher on the weekends. Why? Maybe because your message doesn't have to compete with as many other messages on the weekends.

The study also showed that messages sent early in the morning (between 6am & 7am) and in the evening (closer to 8pm) got responses at a higher rate.

If you want to test these times for yourself, learn how to schedule your important email messages as most e-mail programs have an option or an add-in that can send your messages when you want them to be seen.

For more details on the Yesware study, I’ve posted the link at