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Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2016

Awesome App for Athletes

Professional athletes often study themselves using very sophisticated slow-motion capture technology to analyze their every motion.

Did you know that your smartphone is a really powerful computer that can be used in this same way with the Technique app from Hudl?

Whether you’re a coach, an athlete or just a supportive parent of a an up and coming athlete, anyone can review and breakdown the motions in your child’s pitches, their golf swing or virtually any activity in any sport.

The app also allows you to add annotations and notes so you can provide suggested tweaks and also share the videos.

It also allows you to match up and synchronize two separate videos so your child can see a side-by-side comparison of their motion compared to a pro or to chart their own progress over time.

You can also pan and zoom within any of the videos so you can focus attention on a specific detail for an even better understanding of lessons.

The features in this free app are pretty amazing and can be helpful to anyone striving to improve in an type of physical activity.

The link to the free downloads are posted at