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Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2016

How To Restrict Smartphone Features

The smartphone has become a digital pacifier in the digital age for many households because they tend to do a good job of pacifying most kids.

It can be a godsend especially in a crowded restaurant or anytime you need to keep a restless child from becoming disruptive in many social settings.

However, giving kids full access to everything on your smartphone is kind of a dangerous way to go, so understanding how to 'childproof’ your mobile devices is pretty essential these days.

Both Android and iPhone devices have many built-in options to control access that just need to be activated, but not many parents seem to be aware of how to do it.

Controlling what apps your child can use, Internet access, whether they can make purchases or not and blocking in-app purchases are just the beginning of the options you have.

Every device and operating system has its own set of procedures and options, so if you’re unsure where to go, I’ve posted a link that covers Android and iPhone users at

iPhone and Android: