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Original Air Date: Jul 3, 2017

Better Google Search Results

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Google is the most powerful search engine by far when it comes to the Internet, but it also means that you’re usually going to get millions of search results that usually aren’t relevant.

To help improve the quality of search results, Google offers a large number of what they call 'query operators' and punctuation that can dramatically improve the quality of the information that gets returned.

One of the lesser used 'power tools' is the “range” variable because it can filter results to quickly provide information in a given numerical range.

By just typing two periods (with no spaces) between any two sets of numbers, you are asking Google to do to limit the results to those parameters, which it can do pretty well.

For example, if you are doing a research project for a specific time period, you can enter Russian Revolution 1800..1900 or if you are shopping for a new phone in specific price range, type smartphones $350..$450.

Remember, including the specific format of your numbers (dollars for example) will help to refine your search results even further.