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Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2018

File Conversion Website

Download MP3

Download the MP3

How many times have you recieved an email that includes a file attachment but you don’t have the proper program that will allow you to open the file. 

This can result in one of two scenarios: replying to the person requesting an alternative type of file or finding a program that will convert the file so you can open it. 

Not only can this make things inconvenient, there can also be a cost involved. Who needs to buy a program for a single use? 

If you find yourself with the need to convert any file in the future, just visit

It’s a free website that will convert just about any file type to another file type. 

Zamzar will convert ebooks to pdfs, mp3s to wave files, Quicktime to MP4; the possibilities are almost endless. 

To convert files, you simply drag and drop them on the conversion tool, then select the format you want the conversion to be and type your email address, before clicking on the ‘convert’ button. 

Zamzar will send you a link to download the file once they have converted it.